Have fun playing duets with Øystein Baadsvik

We play my variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while working on musicality, breathing, sound production, slurring and more. Easy to advanced.

Course Summary

We will be playing my variations on the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. From easy to more advanced, you will receive surprising tips and hacks about musicality, breathing, sound production, slurring, and much more. Free 100 pages+ PDFs included.

Course Curriculum

Øystein Baadsvik

Øystein Baadsvik is voted one of the top ten brass players in history by the listeners on Classic FM. He did the first TED talk about tuba and is one of the most popular classical musicians on YouTube with over 7 million views. His multi-faceted musical career as a soloist and recording artist has taken him all over the world. He gives master classes and clinics at major universities worldwide.

Fun way to work on some fundamentals
After a 25 year hiatus, I'm getting back to playing the tuba in the past couple of years. I'm realizing that while I enjoyed playing, I never really worked on my fundamentals the way I should have but part of the reason for that is it's often tedious to work on them. Maestro Baadsvik's duets are a great way to work on specific techniques while having some fun. Highly recommended plus now I have a certificate! ;)
Andy Pasternak
Exactly what I needed
I am so happy to have access to the academy. The initial lessons are just awesome in all respects: I can imitate a perfect model and get tips from an expert, who knows exactly what tuba players' weaknesses are. The lessons have a one-to-one feeling and the teacher is friendly and reassuring. And do not let the "Twinkle, Twinkle" fool you: to execute the variations perfectly in all the aspects to be able to play duets with Oystein Baadsvik will take some rehearsal time and give you a bit of a challenge. And this is where successful learning comes from.
Krzysztof Strzemeski
Thank you for the very helpful and interesting course. It was a great pleasure to play along with you. Greetings from Germany
Christoph Piepenbrink
Fantastic insight and depth into tuba playing!
A lot of great recommendations and insights into style, musicality, articulation and the thought process behind how to approach each individual variation. There is something for everyone here! I will be use these videos as part of my routine for a long time to come! Thank you!
Liam Mckeown
Thank you
Hi, this course has helped me improve my breathing and posture, I learned new techniques and concepts, speaking very little English.  Thank you
Giuliana Audenino
Wonderful duets
I am very grateful, the methodology and the music were a great motivation to learn technical and musical tools.
Jorge Gonzalez
Great fun
I really enjoyed doing this, there are some great challenges in a simple tune like Twinkle twinkle, and really nice to play along with a great player. I also liked the tips on playing and look forward to putting them into practice when I can play in ensembles again
Peter Birch
A review of Mr. Baadsvik's tuba Academy
I would highly recommend this valuable recourse for students and professionals alike. Its both a fun and a methodical way to work on your basics as a brass musician and get to play with one of the foremost brass players in the world.
Matt Winter
Love the instructions and the amazing playing.
Thank you so much Øystein!
Miles Taylor

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