Play duets with Øystein

We will be playing my variations on the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. From easy to more advanced, you will receive surprising tips and hacks about musicality, breathing, sound production, slurring, and much more. You will get a free PDF of the sheet music. It comes in all kinds of transpositions and clefs so you can even join me with any other brass instrument!

The Academy

I have planned and outlined an Online Tuba Academy for many years, and finally I have found time to complete it. The Academy will have four main blocks, all packed with video tutorials and other material. The goal is to help music students and music enthusiasts on all levels to develop faster, play better music and to have more fun with their instrument.

  • Solo repertoire

  • Technique

  • Musicality

  • Preparation and practicing


In depth on solo repertoire

I will be using my experience from thousands of concerts in a variety of styles, and the process of making twelve solo CDs to guide you through the technical and musical possibilities - and pitfalls - of some of the most frequently played tuba repertoire. After having judged hundreds of international tuba competitions I have noticed that players often do the exact same mistakes in the music. This course will help you avoid going in those same traps. Hours of video covering the Vaughan Williams tuba concerto, the John Williams, Madsen Sonata, Encounters II, Variations in Olden style, Hindemith Sonata and many more.


Mastering the tuba

“I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to”! I'm joking of course, but at the beginning of my 40 years playing career, I made pretty much every single mistake you can make on a tuba. Sitting wrong, breathing too shallow, using too much pressure on the lips, closing glottis in the articulation, using too little air in the low register – you mention it. Thanks to great teachers, my own research, hard work, and perhaps some luck, I have managed to overcome most of these problems. In this course, I go through everything related to the technical aspects of playing the tuba and how to practice it. Posture, breathing, sound production, warmup, low register, high register, legato, articulation, clarity, intonation, flexibility, trills, vibrato, double tonguing, playing fast, and much more. I will also share my philosophy behind playing more relaxed AND more powerful.


From dots on a paper to a life changing performance

How do you bring the music to life? How do you “tell a story” with your music? In this course you will learn my approach to crafting a great performance. You will learn about phrasing, building and releasing energy and effective use of the complete musical toolbox. We also go in depth into the different musical styles and musical characters, and how to recognise and use them effectively in the music. It is all about your passion for music – and how to turn that passion into concerts that can transform people’s lives.


From daily practicing to planning your career

The all important preparation. How do you plan a concert? Or your career? How do you get gigs? How do you practice as efficiently as possible? In this section you will also get tips on how to deal with stress and nervousness, preparing a concert, memorising music, developing a stage presence, dealing with different acoustics and everything else that happens before the concert.


What students say about lessons with Øystein

Outstanding Experience

by Joyce Hsu

Maestro Baadsvik is an outstanding pedagogue. I love taking lessons with him because he explains things the way I can immediately relate to and be able to execute. After 2 lessons with him, my breathing got better and it is exciting to see improvements on some of my worst habits. If you haven't take a lesson with him, you are missing out one of the best teaching out there!

Great Experience

by Stefan Huber

I met Øystein two times at a brass workshop before and i was really inspired listening to his music and to his words. When i read that he‘ll offer online lessons i took the chance. I‘ve never met a tuba player who checked out the whole tuba topic like Øystein. Body, breathing, musicality, flexibility and rhythm. Everything depends to each other and Øystein knows how.

One of the best teachers out there!

by Brian Kemble

There aren't many pedagogues who can give such valid criticism, but you with a positive and encouraged mindset. I came out of my lesson enthused to get back to work! Being based out of California, I never thought I'd have the luck to take a lesson with Øystein. I am very thankful for the advice as well as for this learning platform being available!

Wonderful online lesson

Jorge Eduardo Gonzalez Herrera

From the organization for the class on the platform to the class everything was incredible. I was able to have a wonderful lesson with Mr. Baadsvik reinforcing my fundamentals, learning new tools and above all having fun! Take advantage of this opportunity with Mr Baadsvik. Greetings from Colombia

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